Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text about a man who deliberately provoked the Austrian authorities. Some words are missing. Choose the correct word (A-O) for each gap (1-11). There are two extra words that you should not use. The first one (0) has been done for you.
A resident of Vienna angered by authorities has been allowed to wear a sieve on his head in a photograph used for his driving licence.

Niko Alm explained today he (0) LiU 02_01 The power of touch.JPG furious that officials had no problem with Muslim women wearing headscarves when posing for their driving licence and passport pictures. The atheist decided to don a noodle sieve in 2008. Alm revealed he also wore the cooking utensil when he (1)  to ID offices in Vienna to apply for a new driving licence in 2008.

The 35-year-old man said clerks (2)  had no objections. However, a public servant called
him up only 10 minutes after he had left the office to tell him that (3)  a sieve posed a breach of regulations. Alm decided to try to (4)  a doctor to declare him mentally insane at the time he went to have the photographs (5)  The expert examined him to rule he was (6)  at that time. The doctor also said there were no reasons to ban Alm from driving.

Eventually, city decision-makers found themselves (7)  to veto Alm’s sieve picture stunt. However, they are accused of (8)  revenge on him by failing to (9)  him for nearly two years that he could come and pick up his new driving licence. An anonymous clerk who sympathised with Alm’s approach to the issue rang him after (10)  out that his request was
granted – 21 months after he applied for a new licence.
Alm revealed (11)  he now planned to call on the culture ministry to officially acknowledge
the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The parody religion – also called Pastafarianism –
was created in the United States six years ago.
Afinding Hout
Bget Iwearing
Chealthy Jmade
Dwas Ktoday
Einform Linitially
Fwent Mshown
Gunable Ntaking
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