Die Aufgabenstellung:

You are going to read three definitions of racism, discrimination and prejudice. Make sure that you know all the vocabulary presented in the theoretical part of this topic.
Discrimination = treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people
Racism = the belief that one race is superior to another or the practice of treating a person or group of people differently on the basis of their race
Prejudice = an unfair and unreasonable opinion, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge
Choose the correct answers.
1. "Discrimination" refers to the way of...
2. If someone is racist, it means that...
3. Some people have prejudices about others. This refers to...
Remember: You say "to have prejudices about" somebody, "to be racist", "to discriminate against" somebody or "to be discriminated"
4. Imagine you are having a conversation with Fatima, a girl from Syria. She tells you: "I am sometimes treated worse than other people."
Which one is correct? Are those people racist? Do they have prejudices about Fatima? Or do they discriminate against Fatima? Write the correct answer into the gap.
People sometimes  
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