Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the texts.
The objective of criminal law.
The purpose of criminal law is to punish people who commit crimes. The type of punishment depends on the crime. Criminals who commit minor crimes such as trespassing usually recieve a light punishment. They often get a fine or are put on probation.
When criminals offend many times, they get a heavier punishment. They go to jail. Criminals also go to jail when they are dangerous to others. For example, who commits assault and battery gets sent to jail.
Capital punishment is the most serious punishment. It is reserved for the worst crimes, such as murder.
Civil law attorney.
This medium-sized city law firm is seeking an attorney with civil law experience. Primary responsibility is handling tort law cases. Most cases involve clients suing for monetary damages because of personal injuries. The attorney assists clients in filing for injunctions when needed. They will also  be required to prove liability  and establish the negligence of defendants. Our clients generally require compensation for medical costs, loss of earnings and punitive damages. The attorney may also be involved in other cases, including probate and divorce cases.
Read the sentences. Write the word into each gap.
1. The purpose of criminal law is to _____ people who commit crimes.
2. Primary responsibility is handling ____ law cases.
3. The attorney assists clients in filing for _____ when needed.
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Law- Newbury: Express Publishing, 250p.
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