To speak about court process, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Charge - a formal police statement saying that someone is accused of a crime;
Plea bargain - an ​agreement to ​allow someone ​accused of a ​crime to ​admit to being ​guilty of a less ​serious ​crime, in ​order to ​avoid being ​tried for the more ​serious one;
Sentence - a punishment that a judge gives to someone who has committed a crime;
Acquit - if someone is acquitted of a crime, a court of law decides that they are not guilty;
Pre-trial hearing - ​happening in or ​involving the ​period before a ​trial ​begins,a meeting in a law court before the trial;
Suppress - to prevent information from being known;
Mistrial - a ​trial that cannot be ​completed or whose ​result has no ​legal ​value, usually because a ​legal ​mistake has been made;
Oath - a formal promise;
Protocol - the rules about what you must do and how you must behave in official or very formal situations;
Perjury - the crime of telling a lie in a court of law.
She was arrested on charges of theft and forgery.
Both men were acquitted of murder.
The ​judge ​declared a mistrial after ​newspapers ​printed a juror's ​name.