To speak about business activities, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Give tasks - to provide someone with  a piece of work, especially something difficult;
Have paper work - have the part of a job that involves writing letters, organizing information, etc;
Prepare documents - arrange pieces of paper with official information;
Sign - to write your name on something to show that you wrote/painted, etc it or to show that you agree to it;
Call partners/colleagues - phone people you work with or you have business;
Discuss problems - talk about situations that causes difficulties and that needs to be dealt with;
Discuss results - talk about something that happens or exists because something else has happened;
Analyse - to examine the details of something carefully, in order to understand or explain it;
Visit the factory - to go to a building or group of buildings where large amounts of products are made or put together;
Present the business plan - to give people a detailed plan describing the future plans of a business;
Give an update - provide new information;
Discuss the cost of goods - talk about  the amount of money that you need for goods.
In the morning we  usually discuss problems.

We sign documents when it’s necessary.