To speak about prices and sales, you need the appropriate vocabulary.

High value products - things or goods that can cost much;                     
Compete - to try to be more successful than someone or something else;
Competitor - a person, team, or company that is competing with others;
Include - to have something or someone as part of something larger or more general, such as a group, price, or process;
Exclude - to decide that something is certainly not true or possible;
Ship - to send something from one place to another;
Shipping costs - the amount of money that you need to pay for transporation;
Reasonable - good enough but not the best;
Fee - an amount of money that you pay to do something, to use something, or to get a service;
Sales tax - a tax paid by people when they buy goods or services;
VAT - value added tax (= a type of tax in European countries that is paid by the person who buys goods and services);

Wholesale price - the price that a store or business pays for goods that it will then sell to the public;
E-commerce - the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet;
Promise - to say that you will certainly do something or that something will certainly happen;
Wallet - a small, flat container for paper money and credit cards (= plastic cards used for paying with), usually used by a man;

Basic price - the price you pay for something, not including the price of any extra features, and sometimes not including tax;
Total price - the price that includes everything.
We want to offer the basic price.

The total price is 100 $.

You must pay VAT in our country.