When you want to give a business report, you should use the appropriate vocabulary.
Sales figures - the value or amount of the total sales of an industry's or company's products for a particular period;
Percent - for or out of every 100, shown by the symbol %;
Percentage - an amount of something, expressed as a number out of 100;
Quarter - one of four periods of time into which a year is divided for financial calculations such as profits or bills (= orders for payment);
Lose a huge fraction - to stop having a very small number or amount that you had before;
Currency - the units of money used in a particular country;
Forecast - a report saying what is likely to happen in the future;
Estimate - a guess of what a size, value, amount, etc might be;
Double - to increase and become twice the original size or amount, or to make something do this;
Market share - the number of things that a company sells compared with the number of things of the same type that other companies sell.
We need to double our sales.

Russian currency has lost its value.