To speak about a profit, you need the appropriate vocabulary.

Pursuit - when you try to achieve a plan, activity, or situation, usually over a long period of time;

Acquire - to get something;

Conscious - to know that something is present or that something is happening;

Enterprise - when someone is enthusiastic and willing to do something new and clever, although there are risks involved;

Remunerate - to pay someone for work or services;

Labourer - a worker who uses a lot of physical effort in their job;

Exploitative - using someone unfairly for your own advantage;

Argue - to speak angrily to someone, telling them that you disagree with them;

Critical - very important for the way things will happen in the future;

Measure - to judge the quality, effect, importance, or value of something;

Bonus - an extra amount of money that you are given, especially because you have worked hard;

Innovation - a new idea or method that is being tried for the first time, or the use of such ideas or methods
Opponents of capitalism often protest that private owners of capital do not remunerate labourers the full value of their production but keep a portion as profit, claiming this to be exploitative.

However, defenders of capitalism argue that when a worker is paid the wage for which he agreed to work.

That profit provides the capital for further growth and innovation.