To speak about walking in the city, you need the appropriate vocabulary.

Outing - a short journey made by a group of people, usually for pleasure or education;

Stroll - to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, especially for pleasure;

Drive - used in the names of some roads, especially roads containing houses;

Row - a line of houses joined together along their side walls;

Sail - travel on the water;

To take a walk/stroll - go for a walk in a slow, relaxed manner, especially for pleasure;

To promenade - to walk slowly along a road or path for pleasure;

Tour - to go on a tour somewhere;

World tour - travel to countries, or an area of human activity or understanding;

Picnic - an occasion when you have an informal meal of sandwiches, etc. outside, or the food itself;

To picnic - to have a picnic somewhere.

Every year the professor takes her students on an outing to the archives of the Library of Congress.

We could stroll along the beach after dinner.

The boat sailed along/down the coast.

We spent a month touring (around/round/in) Kenya.

There were several families picnicking on the river bank.