Passive Voice
In order to construct the passive voice, you need a form of BE and the 3rd form.
e.g. I do my homework. > The homework is done by me.
Depending on the tense used in the active phrase, the tense equally changes in the passive voice.
PRESENT SIMPLE:  I do my homework. > The homework is done by me.
PAST SIMPLE:  I did my homework. > The homework was done by me. 
PRESENT PERFECT:  I have done my homework. > The homework has been done by me. 
PAST PERFECT:  I had done my homework. > The homework had been done by me. 
PRESENT PROGRESSIVE:  I am doing my homework. > The homework is being done by me. 
PAST PROGRESSIVE:  I was doing my homework. > The homework was being done by me. 
WILL-FUTURE:  I will do my homework. > The homework will be done by me.
MODAL VERBS:  I must do my homework. > The homework must be done by me.