Die Aufgabenstellung:

Listen to the dialogue "Vision Quest". Mark talks about living in the wilderness as part of a vision quest, which is a Native American rite of passage.
Write down the words that you will hear.
1. Mark: I guess a vision quest is when you - it's like a rite of passage, like a ritual where you leave where you were, at that place in your life and you enter a space    is kind of fresh or allows for the next stage to manifest almost, so you enter that threshold, that vacant space between and perhaps in that time, you're gonna, you might have a vision, or you might not but when you come out the other side you're probably, most likely, going to be a little bit different than when you went into it.
2. Mark: Oh, I was super excited. Before I went I … they recommended like not drinking caffeine and things like that, in preparation for going there because … and sugar even because those little things have such control over our every day, that if we're suddenly fasting when we're in the wilderness, then if we loose that caffeine and sugar it's gonna like … maybe get headaches or something like that, so I prepared by dropping the caffeine and the sugar and even before I went, I noticed  that wasn't there even before I went.
3. Mark: In that space camping, on that land in total I think it was   three and a half were alone.
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