Apart from the previously discussed tenses there are additional ways to express the future.
1. The present continuous.
We use this tense when we refer to arranged actions, we have already planned them.
Use am/is/ are + V-ing
We are having a party next week.
2. The present simple.
We use this tense when we refer to programmes, time tables, trains, buses, matches.
Use V1 or Vs(es) for the 3rd person (singular)
The train arrives at 5.30.
3. The structure to be going to.

We use this structure for plans, intentions, ambitions we have for the future.

I am going to employ more staff.

We use it for predictions when there is evidence that something will happen in the near future.
Look at him! He is going to win the race.
We use will + V1 when we make a prediction based on what we think, believe.

In the year 2050 there will be colonies on Mars.

We use be going to when we make a prediction based on what we can see and know.

Look! This person is going to steal money.