Study the information about the gerund (verb + ing).
1. Remember that after the verbs enjoy, mind and suggest, we should use -ing.
I enjoy reading.

Kate suggested going to the cinema.
2. Here are other verbs that are followed by -ing:

finish, stop, postpone, consider, admit, deny, avoid, risk, fancy, imagine.
I will do the shopping when I have finished cleaning the flat.

She tried to avoid answering questions.
3. Use -ing after give up, put off, go on, carry on, keep on.
She keeps interrupting when I am talking.

4. Some verbs can be used according to the structure verb + somebody + ing:
I can’t imagine Mike riding a motorbike.
Remember the passive form (being done/seen/kept):
I don’t mind being kept waiting for you.
5. If you speak about finished actions, say having done/stolen/said.

They admitted having stolen money.
6. After some verbs (admit, deny, suggest), you may also use that.

Mark suggested that we went to the cinema.