Study the information about be/get used to something.
1. I am used to something = it is not strange or new for me.

I bought new sandals. They felt a bit strange because I wasn’t used to them.

Mary’s husband is often away from home. She doesn’t mind this. She is used to him being away.
2. After be/get used you must not use the infinitive

He is used to driving on the left.

In the phrase ‘I am used to something’, to is a preposition, not a part of the infinitive.

Sally is used to living alone.

3. Remember!
I am used to doing something = it is not strange or new for me.

I am used to driving on the left because I have lived in London for a long time.
I used to do something = I did it regularly in the past but not now.

I used to walk to school every day, but these days I go by bike.