Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text "Animals and pets".
There are a lot of animals on our planet. They can be wild and domestic. Wild animals are those animals who live in nature without people. Wolves, foxes, giraffes are wild animals. Domestic animals are animals who live with people, who are not really scary. People always call them “pets”. Cats, dogs, sheep are domestic animals.

People divide animals into four groups – reptiles, birds, insects and mammals. Reptiles are animals without wings who lay eggs. Some reptiles are very dangerous. Crocodiles and snakes are reptiles. Birds are animals with feathers, two wings and two legs. Parrots and eagles are birds. Insects are small creatures with six legs and usually two pairs of wings. Butterflies and ladybirds are insects. Mammals are animals who feed their babies on milk. Dogs, kangaroos, dolphins are mammals.

Cats are mammals too. Their short fur can be of different colors - clear white, black, red, grey and so on. Cats have no fins and wings, just legs, a body, a head with whiskers and a long tail. They have 4 long legs, so they run quite fast. Sometimes cats can be friendly and nice to people, sometimes - selfish. It depends on a cat’s temper. Cats are domestic animals, so they live with people - in people's houses and apartments. They eat fish, meat, milk, sometimes - human food. Cats live for 10 - 15 years, but some of them can live longer.

As for me, I have a pet too - I have got a red fluffy cat. His name is Ryjiy and it was named after his fur. My cat is four years old, he is very funny and sometimes he does crazy things. He likes to sleep with us and to look at the window where colorful birds fly. Ryjiy is rather smart and he knows the time I feed him and he goes to the kitchen before me. I like him very much and I hope he will live a long and happy life.
Write one word into each phrase form the text:
1. creatures with six legs and   two pairs of wings
2. can be friendly and   to people
3. goes to the   before me
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