Study the vocabulary about relationships.
Chat up - starting a relationship;
To chat (somebody) up - to talk to somebody in the hope of starting a romantic relationship;
To flirt (with somebody) - to behave playfully towards another person who you are;
A flirt - a person who likes to flirt;
A blind date - a meeting (arranged by a third party) with a person you might be interested in romantically but who you have never met before;
Lonely hearts - small ads (in newspapers, magazines or on the internet) which give a short description of a person you would like to date;

To be smitten with somebody - to be deeply affected by your love for somebody;
To fall for somebody - to fall in love with somebody;
It was love at first sight - two people fell in love with each other as soon as they met;
To take the plunge - to get engaged/married;

Terms of endearment - names people in love give each other or call each other;

Loved up - being in a relationship;

Break up - finishing a relationship;

To split up - to break up.

Mary is having a blind date today.

Sam has broken up with his girlfriend.

Do you like newspapers with lonely hearts?