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Read the text "Communication in our life".

Every day we communicate with scores of people; we talk about politics, work, life, money and so on. After all, do we know what communication is? An encyclopedia says that “communication is a process whereby information is enclosed, channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. The receiver than decodes the message and gives the sender a feedback”. So, this is a scientific explanation of the notion “communication”. But what dies communication mean for common person of any age, sex, rank and social position?

Communication is one of the most important necessities of every human being. Even millions years ago when primitive men could not speak, they communicated with the help of gestures, sounds and pictures. If we try to imagine our life without communication with each other, the picture will be dull and unemotional, like the science fiction where people are replaced by robots.
Besides exchanging the information, we exchange our feelings, emotions, gestures and so on. Communication can reveal different feelings. According to the theme of the communication, communicator, conditions, communication can leave us happy, satisfied, indifferent, irritated or enraged. Sometimes good communication can replace medicine in the case of depression. Our relatives and close people can understand anything without words just looking at our eyes, and that is communication too.

Now people can communicate even if their dialogue is not face- to- face. Modern gadgets give us such opportunity. For instance, sending a short message by the mobile phone, you can put different marks or smiles conveying your emotions; using the program Skype for chattering you can see your partners face and all gestures he uses.

On the other hand, there is a great detail that cannot substitute communication face to face. When you communicate with a person who can even keep silence, you can understand this person by his or her gestures, eyes and body language. During our communication we often unconsciously touch each other, and that also gives us a piece of information.

To draw a conclusion, I suppose that all modern and fashionable gadgets for communication are really useful things when you have no opportunity to meet a person. Nevertheless, if you have one, enjoy every moment of this process because it is a real treasure and “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after”.
Write true, false, doesn't say:
1. The writer says that our life without communication will be dull.
2. Now people can’t if their dialogue is not face- to- face.
3. The writer gives a lot examples of business communication.
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