Study the vocabulary about places in different countries.
Mysterious - strange, not known, or not understood;

Archeological - involving or relating to archaeology;

Site - a place where something is, was, or will be built, or where something happened, is happening, or will happen;

Huge - extremely large in size or amount;

Purpose - why you do something or why something exists;

To mark - make a mark on something or someone;

To allow - to give permission for someone to do something, or to not prevent something from happening;

To fence off - to separate an area with a fence in order to stop people or animals from entering it;

To protect  - to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss;

Damage - to harm or spoil something;

Sighting - an occasion when you see something or someone, especially something that is rare or trying to hide;

To resist - to refuse to accept or be changed by something;

Attempt - to try to do something, especially something difficult;

To prove - to show a particular result after a period of time.

These mysterious creatures live at the bottom of the ocean.

A huge cloud of dense smoke stretched across the horizon.

You're not allowed to swim when the red flag is flying.

The hill had been fenced off to prevent animals from grazing on it.