Study the vocabulary about climate in different countries. Part 1
Mainland - the main part of a country or continent, not including the islands around it;

Belief - the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true;

Amount - a collection or mass, especially of something that cannot be counted;

Depend on - to trust someone or something and know that that person or thing will help you or do what you want or expect him, her, or it to do;

Further  - to a greater distance or degree, or at a more advanced level;

Mild - not violent, severe, or extreme;

Temperate - neither very hot nor very cold;

Due - expected to happen, arrive, etc. at a particular time;

Influence - affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks;

Feature - a typical quality or an important part of something;

Occasionally - sometimes but not often;

Dry - used to describe something that has no water or other liquid in, on, or around it;

Wet - covered in water or another liquid;

Seldom - almost never;

Frost - a weather condition in which the air temperature falls below the freezing point of water, especially outside at night.
They recently bulit a bridge between the mainland and the closest island.

Surely a friend should be someone you can depend on in difficult times?

We've had a mild winter this year.

The tyres on my car don't cope very well on wet roads.

There were a lot of hard/heavy (= severe) frosts that winter.