To speak about values that people have in countries, you need the  appropriate vocabulary.
Obligatory - expected because it usually happens;

To designate - to say officially that a place or thing has a particular character or purpose;

To account for - to form the total of something;

Equal - the same in importance and deserving the same treatment;

Fortune - a large amount of money, goods, property, etc;

Overall - in general rather than in particular, or including all the people or things in a particular group or situation;

Failure - the fact of someone or something not succeeding;

Incapable - unable to do something;

Self-improvement - the activity of learning new things on your own that make you a more skilled or able person;

To attract - (of people, things, places, etc.) to pull or draw someone or something towards them, by the qualities they have, especially good ones;

Humour - the ability to find things funny, the way in which people see that some things are funny, or the quality of being funny;

Counterbalance - to have an equal but opposite effect on something so that it does not have too much of a particular characteristic;

Whir - (especially of machines) to make a low, soft, continuous sound;

Snarl - (especially of dogs) to make a deep, rough sound while showing the teeth, usually in anger or (of people) to speak or say something angrily and forcefully.

This area of the park has been specially designated for children.

You can make a fortune out of junk if you call it antiques.

The overall situation is good, despite a few minor problems.

He seems incapable of walking past a music shop without going in and buying another CD.