To speak about the condition of food and cooking food, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Fresh - fresh food has been produced or collected recently and has not been frozen, dried, etc;

Sell-by date - the date printed on a food or drink container after which it should not be sold;

Raw - not cooked;

Ripe - developed enough and ready to be eaten;

Rotten - rotten vegetable or animal substances are decaying;

Tough - not easily damaged, cut, etc;

Undercooked - to not cook something enough;

Unripe - (of food or crops) not yet ready to be eaten or collected; not yet ripe;

Overcooked - to cook food for longer than necessary, reducing its quality as a result;

Bake - to cook something such as bread or a cake with dry heat in an oven;

Boil - to cook food in water that is boiling;

Cook - to prepare food and usually heat it;

Fry - to cook something in hot oil or fat or to be cooked in hot oil or fat;

Grill - cook food using direct heat from above;

Heat - make food warm or hot;

Poach - to cook something, especially an egg without its shell, by putting it into liquid that is gently boiling;

Roast - if you roast food, you cook it in an oven or over a fire, and if food roasts, it is cooked in an oven or over a fire;

Stew - to cook food slowly in liquid.


The chicken was overcooked and dry.

Boil the pasta for 10 minutes.

Who's cooking this evening?

Fry theonions in a little butter.

Roast the lamb in a hot oven for 35 minutes.