To speak about food and eating out, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Low prices - prices below the usual level;

Various choice - different choice;

Unusual dishes - different and not ordinary dishes, often in a way that is interesting or exciting;

Trendy décor - the fashionable style of decoration and furniture in a room or building;

Fashionable restaurant - trendy restaurant;

Favourite café - the café that you like best;

Excellent service - service on the highest level;

Organic food - food without artificial chemicals when keeping animals or growing plants for food;

GM food - genetically modified food: food from crops whose genes have been scientifically changed;

Long queues - a long row of people waiting for something, one behind the other.


Agricultural companies have failed to convince consumers that GM foods are safe.

I can’t stand long queues.

What is your favourite café?

Does she like unusual dishes?