Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text about housework.
How can I help my parents?
My name is Kate. I live with my mother and father. I like to help them. Every Sunday I clean my room. I take the vacuum cleaner and clean the carpets. I sweep the floor, dust the sofa and the chairs, I try to dust the furniture in a proper way.

We have got many flowers at home. Twice a week I water them. I like flowers very much.
I help my mother to lay the table. I fetch plates, spoons, forks and put them on the table. Every day I wash the dishes after dinner and supper.

My mother cooks well, sometimes I help her when she makes cakes. She usually makes them before holidays and on my birthday.

If I have time, my mother asks me to go to the shop. I go there and buy bread, eggs, sugar. I often go the market with my mother. We buy some vegetables, fruit and I help my mother to carry them.

We have got a country house. There is a big garden with many trees, bushes and flowers in it. There is a lot of work in our garden and I help my parents to do it.
Choose true or false:
1.  Every Sunday Kate cleans her room.
2. Kate’s mother cannot cook.
3. Kate helps her parents in the garden.
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