In order to speak about leisure time activities, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Shopping - when you buy things in shops.

Scuba diving - a sport in which you swim under water using special equipment for breathing.

Cutting the grass - to reduce the size or amount of the grass.

Rollerblading -  moving across the ground with the help of boots.

Eating out - to eat at a restaurant.

Cycling - to ride a bicycle.

Canoeing - the activity of travelling in a canoe.

Surfing the net - to look for information on the Internet by moving from one page to another using electronic links (= connections).

Gardening - the job or activity of growing a garden and keeping it attractive.

Snorkelling - to swim using a snorkel.

Ice skating - the activity or sport of moving across ice using ice skates.
Some teenagers like surfing the net so much.

Gardening is the most favourite hobby in England.

I don’t like rollerblading. It is dangerous.