Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the dialogue "Money matters".
Sorie and Mark talk about money and how much they worry about their future.
Mark: Hi, Sorie. Talking about money, do you worry about money?
Sorie: Yes, I do. I especially worry about the future, about my retirement plan. And I’m not saving any money at the moment. And I have friends around me that are already saving up for their retirement. I’m 27 years old right now and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. Are you concerned?
Mark: Well, what kind of options are there? How would you want to save up?
Sorie: Well, first of all, right now, I don’t have the option to save for retirement.
Mark: Because you don’t have any money?
Sorie: Yeah, the present is plenty to think of. I haven’t got my head around the future yet. Do you have any recommendations at how I could do it?
Mark: Well, national pension plan or kind of put a little bit aside every week or forget about it. You’re only 27.
Sorie: Yeah. It’s very interesting, you know, because I know some people that instead of having a retirement plan, they decided to have a lot of kids and have their kids pay for them when they grow up and they get older. So that may be an option for me.
Mark: Yeah. And from where from also, that’s kind of the norm perhaps.
Sorie: Yeah, that’s right. How about you?
Mark: Yeah, I’m a bit older than you and I don’t have a pension plan either. But I’m not quite so worried about it right now.
Sorie: The time will come though.
Mark: The time will come and the more I think about, the more we talk about it, it’s definitely something to be considering. But it’s interesting in national pension plan, isn’t it because what if we leave? What if we won’t live in this country anymore, we had to move to another country and then we work there a little bit. And then we move to another country.
Sorie: So as an international person, it’s difficult to commit to a national pension because you don’t know where you’re going to end up, right?
Mark: Exactly.
Sorie: That’s what you’re saying, I see.
Mark: So if that was the case, it would seem that putting a little bit away every month or every week personally in an account would be a good idea.
Sorie: And are you committed, like, can you do that every month? Can you?
Mark: Yeah, I think I can do that. Yeah, but it’s interesting that I haven’t considered such things. And now when we consider it and realize how important it is, it’s probably a good thing to be considering.
Choose true or false.
1.  Sorie doesn’t worry about money.
2. Sorie says that she knows some people that decided to work a lot and help children.
3. Mark is not worried about his pension plan.
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