Die Aufgabenstellung:

Listen to the dialogue "Salary caps". Greg and Todd debate whether there should be limits to salaries.
Write the words into each gap.
1. Now the opposite would be should there the a salary cap, which would mean that basically you could   , like let's say you can only earn five million dollars, ten million dollars.
2. You know, you look at people like the CEO of a very  or software company, and you know, take google for example, I'm sure that they make more than ten million, but they're service is used so much around the world, that they should get that money, and if people couldn't ... hang on ... if people couldn't get ... couldn't earn that salary then maybe they wouldn't have the same motivation and drive to be successful and that people would lose out as a result.
3. That there's people who work hard and that they're under compensated, but ... and they're a lot of people that get  but I think that's just a problem of management and that in some cases so people do deserve millions and millions, perhaps billions of dollars is they have really contributed to the product or the outcome.
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