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Read the text about global warming.
Global warming.
Global warming has become a serious problem in modern world. It is referred to potential changes in climate, which can lead to the rise of global temperature. This term has been presented by scientists. They work hard trying to solve the problem. Otherwise, global warming can produce really dangerous climatic changes apart from a rise in temperature. For example, over the past 100 years the average temperature rise was about 1 degree. According to some scientists global warming is the result of the industrial revolution. If it continues, it can destroy our civilization.
One of the most important reasons of global warming is air pollution. More and more factories are being built in different countries. By burning oil, coal, gasoline, even natural gas, they add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Cars also influence the atmosphere badly by burning many liters of oil and releasing harmful gases into the air. As a result, the ozone layer of our Earth is being destroyed.
All these activities unfavourably change the Earth’s heat balance. This is what we get in return: the ground becomes very dry, a lot of rivers and lakes dry up, the forests start burning, the glaciers melt, people and animals start to faint. And these are not all the outcomes of global warming. Nature becomes really angry with us. We need to become more attentive and caring to it if we want to save our planet.
There are several ways to do it. At first, we should start saving natural resources, such as water, wood, land and air. It would be a good idea to recycle things that we do not use anymore. Cars should switch to electric refueling, while factories should not isolate carbonic gas. We should also reduce the use of different sprays and lacquer, which destroy the ozone layer. If we take these simple measures, we might save our planet.
Choose true or false:
1. Global warming has become a serious problem in modern world.
2. The writer thinks that nature becomes really angry with us.
3. The writer points out that people should reduce the use of different sprays and lacquer.
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