In order to speak about safe packaging, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Green packaging - the paper, box, etc that something is inside so that it can be sold or sent somewhere but eco-friendly;
Dispose of - to get rid of something, especially by throwing it away;
Carton - a container for food and drink that is made from strong, stiff paper or plastic;
Wrapper - a piece of paper or plastic that covers something that you buy, especially food;
Waste disposal - an ​electrical ​machine, ​connected to a ​kitchen ​sink, that ​cuts up ​food ​waste so that it will ​flow ​easily through the ​pipes;
Environmentally-friendly - not damaging the environment;
Recyclable - able to be recycled;
Biodegradable - when substances decay naturally without damaging the environment;
Decompose - decay and gradually destroy;
Landfill site - a place where waste material is buried under the earth;
Effluent - ​liquid ​waste that is ​sent out from ​factories or ​places where ​sewage is ​dealt with, usually ​flowing into ​rivers, ​lakes, or the ​sea;
Disaster - something that causes a lot of harm or damage.
Glass is recyclable.
90 ​percent of American ​rubbish is ​dumped in landfill ​sites.
Effluents from ​local ​factories are ​finding ​their way into the ​river.