Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text "My class".
I study at the 8th form "A". Our class consists of 24 pupils: 12 girls and 12 boys. Our class is very extraordinary. We all try to help and support each other. We are very different, but it doesn`t prevent us from being good friends.

We all like to go to the discos. My classmates go there practically every weekend. And then they go to MacDonald`s and eat a lot of fast food. We also like organized parties in our classroom. We buy different cakes, fruit and so on. Some pupils bring a tape-recorder and disks. And we dance a lot.

My classmates are very funny. They like to sing different songs. They also like sport very much. Both boys and girls like football. And some girls are fond of hockey. All my classmates like to go to different trips. And while traveling by bus, they like to sing songs loudly. Our girls like to take photos of each other. The photos can be both serious and funny.

To sum it up, my classmates are my best friends. They are very friendly and caring. I love them all very much.
Write the word into these phrases.
1. try  and support
2. can  both serious and funny
3. are very   and caring
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