In order to speak about the general state, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Pregnant - a woman who has a baby developing inside her uterus;

Pale - if your face is pale, it has less colour than usual because you are ill or frightened;

Pain, ache - an unpleasant physical feeling caused by an illness or injury;

Deaf - unable to hear;

Infectious, contagious - an infectious disease can be passed from one person to another;

Healthy - physically strong and well;

To (have a) rest - to relax;

To feel faint - to feel very weak and as if you might fall down;

Sweat, perspiration - the liquid that comes out of your skin when you get hot;

To take (some) medicine - to swallow or use medicine;

To catch/get a cold - to get an illness or disease;

Weak, feeble - not physically strong;

Blind - unable to see;

Suffer (from) - to experience physical or mental pain.

I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

He started to go (= become) blind in his sixties.

Johnny suffers from (= is often ill with) asthma.