To speak about the Internet, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Common - happening often or existing in large numbers;
Achievement - something good that you achieve;
Deliver - to take things such as letters, parcels, or goods to a person or place;
Software - programs that you use to make a computer do different things;
Website - an area on the Web (= computer information system) where information about a particular subject, organization, etc can be found;
Belong - to feel happy and comfortable in a place or with a group of people;
Possibility - a chance that something may happen or be true;
Store - keep something in a certain place or area;
Steal - to secretly take something that does not belong to you, without intending to return it;
Obtain - to get something;
Prevent from - to stop something happening or to stop someone doing something.

What websites do you use when you need something?

This website belongs to a very famous company.

Will you buy software for downloading music?

The internet is common among teens.