To speak about mass media, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 6
Announcement - something that someone says officially, giving information about something;
Commercial - intended to make a profit;
Annual - happening or produced once a year;
Satisfy - to please someone by giving them what they want or need;
Subscribe - to pay money to an organization so that you regularly receive a service or product, such as a magazine or newspaper;
Retain - to continue to keep something;
Satellite - a piece of equipment that is sent into space around the Earth to receive and send signals or to collect information;
Conventional - traditional;
Cope with - to deal quite successfully with a difficult situation;
Believable - if something is believable, you can believe that it could be true or real.

Do you want to subscribe to a magazine/an internet service?

My mum always watches annual concerts on TV.

Conventional people are traditional and not willing to try new ideas.

I listen to the radio. It has believable information.