In order to speak about travelling, you also need to remember some phrasal verbs.
1) to go away - to leave.

2) to set off - to start a journey.
3) to check in - to register (for a flight; in a hotel)

4) to check out - to settle one's bill and leave a hotel or other place of lodging.

5) to take off - to rise into the air (airplane).

6) to get in - to arrive.

7) to see off - to accompany someone and say goodbye.

8) to book in - to reserve a room for (oneself or someone else) at a hotel.

9) to get out of - to move out of a room, a country, etc.

10) to stop over - to interrupt a journey temporarily, e.g. overnight.

11) to lay over - to make a stopover in the course of a journey.

12) to go on - to continue a certain state, condition, or activity.

Some examples:
This summer I am going to Granada in Spain by car. 
I will stop over in several cities including Berlin, Paris and Madrid.
When I will get in Granada, I will immediately check in the hotel. I am so looking forward to this trip!