Study the information about ‘may’ and ‘might’.
May and Might

1. To express (future) possibility.
There is a chance that something is true or happens.
Mightis used more frequently than Mayin spoken English.
It might rain later.
He's very good, in fact, I think he may win the competition.

2. To give permission.
You may take one brochure.
You may not park your car in front of the gate.

3. To ask for permission.
Can is used more frequently than Mayin spoken English though Maysounds more polite.

May I borrow your pen?
May I use your bathroom please?

Might could also be used to request permission but it sounds very old and is not common.
4. May is used when we talk about typical occurrences.
May is used in academic (or scientific) language to refer to things that typically happen in certain situations.
Adults may find it difficult to sleep if they use technology before going to bed.
5. Speculate about past actions (May + have + past participle).
He is late. I think he may have missed his plane.

6. To express wishes.
May the New Year bring you love and happiness.
May all your wishes come true.