Study the information about proper nouns.

Proper nouns name specific one-of-a-kind items, and they begin with capital letters.

A list of proper nouns categories:

1. Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas)
2. Geographical areas: Europe, Spain, the Nile River
3. People and pets: Snoopy, Mr Brown
4. Books, magazines, newspapers: The Times, The Daily
5. Companies and organizations: Google, General Electric
6. Religious terms: God, Christian
7. Places, buildings: Yellowstone, The Petronas Towers
8. Titles: King William
9. Languages: English, French, Italian
10. Brand names: Pepsi, Chanel
We like every state, but California is my favourite.  

She wants to live in Europe.

Children get presents at Christmas.  
But! Compare:

Newton was a great British physicist. 
The unit of power is called the newton. (newton is the term in physics)