Study the information about phrasal verbs. On and off. Part 2.
1. Verb + on = continue doing something
Drive on/walk on/play on = continue walking/driving/playing
Go on = continue

Keep on doing something
She keeps on criticizing me. I’m fed up with it!
The party went on until 4 o’clock in the morning.
2. Get on = progress

Get on with somebody= have a good relationship

Get on with something= continue doing something you have to do, usually after an interruption.
I must get on with my work. I have a lot to do.
3. Verb + off

Doze off, drop off, nod off = fall asleep

Finish something off = do the last part of something

Go off = explode or ring (an alarm)

Put somebody off doing smth.= cause somebody not to want something or to do something

Rip somebody off = cheat somebody

Show off = demonstrate

Tell somebody off = speak angrily if the person did something wrong
The lecture was not so interesting. In fact I dropped off in the middle of it.

Look at the boy on the new bike. He’s just showing off.

Kate’s mother told her off for wearing dirty shoes in the flat.
Raymond Murphy. English Grammar in Use- Cambridge: CUP, 379p.