Study the information about phrasal verbs.
We often combine verbs with prepositions and adverb particles to form phrasal verbs.

These verbs can have idiomatic or non-idiomatic meanings and we use them a lot.

Remember the following terms:

- Transitive (followed by a noun or pronoun)

- Intransitive (not followed by a noun or pronoun)

Type 1. Verb + preposition (transitive)

Listen to music! It’s beautiful.

Type 2. Verb + particle (transitive)

Take off your hat, please.

Type 3. Verb + particle (intransitive)

Hurry up! Sit down.

Type 4. Verb + particle + preposition (transitive)

We have run out of bread.
Type 1. Verb + object + preposition + object, non-idiomatic. These verbs are used in their normal sense.

Tell me about your life.

Type 1. Verb + preposition + object, idiomatic. We can’t relate the parts of these verbs to their literal meanings.

I don’t know what came over me. (affected)
L.G Alexander. Longman English Grammar practice for intermediate students- Harlow:Longman, 296p.