Study the information about phrasal verbs + up.
1. Bring up a topic = introduce it in a conversation

Come up = be introduced in a conversation

Come up with an idea = produce an idea

Make something up = invent something that is not true
Some interesting matters came up in our discussion yesterday.

I don’t want to hear any more about this matter. Please don’t bring it up again.
2. Cheer up = be happier

Save up = save money to buy something

Clear up = become bright (for weather)
Dan is saving up for a trip round the world.
3. Blow up = explode

Blow something up = destroy it with a bomb

Tear something up = tear it into pieces

Beat somebody up = hit someone repeatedly, so that they are badly hurt
I didn’t read the letter. I just tore it up and threw it away.
4. Break up/split up = separate

Do up a coat = fasten, tie

Do up a building, a room= repair and improve it

Look something up in a dictionary

Put up with something = tolerate it

Hold up a person, a plan = delay

Mix up people/things, get people/things mixed up = you think one is the other.
The two brothers look similar. Many people mix them up.

The kitchen looks great now that it has been done up.

Raymond Murphy. English Grammar in Use- Cambridge: CUP, 379p.