Die Aufgabenstellung:

Listen to the text "Good Company". Curtis and Spencer talk about what companies they admire and would like to work for.
Write down the phrases that you will hear.
1. Curtis: I think Starbucks is actually also from the same region, it’s from Seattle and it's also very well known for taking care of its employees well, giving good benefits, paying them pretty well, giving them the option to put  of their earnings into stock immediately at a discount so that they can get into sharing part of the company as well.
2. Spencer: I like Starbucks as well. I like how they're constantly trying to come out with new types of drinks, with new types of themes to fit the season, for example,  they had some sort of like orange summery drink and I thought that was cool, how they are constantly working to make themselves better, more interesting and to offer more to their customers.
3. So people will get a sense of, like doing good for like the world when they like buy   .
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