In order to speak about India and its history, study the appropriate vocabulary.
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colony - area or country that is under control of another country and occupied by people from there
raw material - material before being processed or manufactured into a final form
goods - products
independence - freedom from foreign rule
leader - a guiding person
civilization - type of advanced society of a particular time or place
trade - the act of buying, selling or exchanging commodities
monopoly - complete control over the trade in something
civil disobedience - to disobey laws or governmental demands
to spread - to extend
to rule - to govern
to declare - to announce
to make profit from sth. - to earn money with sth./by doing sth.
to divide - to separate
The woman declared herself innocent.
As a colony, India was used mainly for British interests.
Mahatma Ghandi was famous for his campaigns of civil disobedience.
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