In order to speak about child workers in India, you need to study the appropriate vocabulary.
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working conditions - circumstances at work
working hours - the amount of time you have to work
earnings - the money you get for work
treatment - action or behavior toward a person, animal, etc.
complaint - an expression of discontent, regret
riot - a noisy, violent, public disorder caused by a group of persons
wage - money that is paid for work
expenses - costs
fumes - smokelike exhalations from substances
to polish - to make smooth and glossy, especially by rubbing
to gleam - to appear suddenly and clearly like a flash of light
to blaze - to burn with bright flames
to afford sth. - to be able to pay the price of sth.
to be stuck - to be unable to move further
to squint one's eyes - to look with the eyes partly closed
His parents can't afford school.
He was stuck in his job.
There were unbearable chemical fumes.
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