In order to talk about Asians in Britain, you should know the appropriate vocabulary.
immigrants - people who move to another country, usually to stay there for a longer periode of time
colony - a group of people who leaver their native country to form a settlement in a new land
to be allowed in - to be allowed to enter a country
census - an official enumeration of the population (Volkszählung)
origin - the place where someone was born
ethnic minority - an immigrant or racial group regarded by the majority as distinct
racism - hatred or intolerance of another race or other races
xenophobia - fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures or strangers
to desperately want sth. - to really want sth.
to call round - to go round to someone's house for an informal visit
tremendous - extraordinarily great in size, amount or intensity
to pause - to make a brief stop
honour - high respect for sth.
elders - people who are older than you in a family or other social group
to build up sb.'s hope - to make sb. wrongly believe that sth. will happen in the future
stern - serious, strict
selfish - only caring about yourself
protective of - wanting to keep sb. from danger or harm
conservative - not liking new ideas
prejudiced - to have an unfavorable opinion formed beforehand without knowledge
According to the last census, there are 253,000 people of Pakistani origin.
It should be an honour to play for the football team.
Racism and xenophobia are problems that mainly ethnic minorities are facing.