In order to speak about Bollywood, you should know the appropriate vocabulary.
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Bollywood is the name given to India's massive film industry - it's a play on the word Hollywood. Bollywood makes up to 800 films a year which is twice as many as Hollywood. Bollywood films are really colourful with lots of singing and dancing. They also like to use the same plot: boy meets girl, they fall in love and struggle for family approval.
plot - what the film is about
approval - agreement that sth. is good
hero, heroine - a man (hero) or a woman (heroine) who is noted for courageous acts
villain - an evil character in a play, novel, film etc.
screenplay - a television scenario (Drehbuch)
blockbuster - a very impressive film
critic - a person who analyses or judges literary or artistic works for a newspaper or magazine
tale - story
to screen a film - to show a film
to struggle for sth. - to fight for sth.
to direct a film - to lead the making of a film
to dub - to change the spoken language of a film into another
colourful - having intense, different colours
predictable - able to be foretold in advance
sensitive - a person who is aware of the feelings of others
Bollywood films are really colourful and like to use the same plot.
Young people find the stories of Bollywood predictable.
Directors thus choose screenplays that reflect real life.