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Read this scene of the film "Bend It Like Beckham". It tells the story of Jesminder Bhamra (Jess), an Indian girl living in England. She desperately wants to play football and she is good at it, but her parents are strictly against it. In the following scene, the coach of the football team, Joe, visits the Bhamras to see if he can convince them to let Jess play.
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Joe cleared his throat. "I'm sorry to call round without an invitation, Mr and Mrs Bhamra," he said, "but I wanted to talk to you in person. I only found out today that you didn't know Jess was playing for our team." "No, we didn't," Mum snapped.
"I apologise," Joe looked straight at Mum, and I loved him for it. I knew it was just because he wanted me back on the team, but it made me feel good. "If I'd known, I would've encouraged Jess to tell you" - he paused, then went on - "because I believe she's got tremendous potential."
We all sat there in silence for a few seconds.
"I think we know best our daughter's potential," Dad said quietly. "Jess has no time for games. She'll be starting university soon."
"But playing for the team is an honour," I blurted out, unable to keep quiet any longer.
Mum looked at me. "What bigger honour is there than respecting your elders?" she demanded.
Dad looked at Joe. "Young man, when I was a teenager in Nairobi, I was the best fast bowler in my school," he said. "Our team even won the East Africa Cup. But when I came to this country, nothing. I wasn't allowed to play in any team. People laughed at my turban and sent me packing."
"I'm sorry, Mr Bhamra," Joe began. "But now-"
"Now what?" Dad broke in. "None of our boys are in any of the football leagues. And you think they'll let our girls in? I don't want to build up Jesminder's hopes - she'll only end up disappointed like me."
"But, Dad, it's all changing now", I said desperately.
True or false?
1. Jess's parents didn't know that she was playing in a football team.
2. Jess's Dad does not want his daughter to play football.
3. Mr. Bhamra has never liked any sort of sports.
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