Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read this text about the child worker called Charan Singh, who is a brass worker in India.
Amin Sangh (Brass worker)
Black, metallic dust. Unbearable chemical fumes. A child covered in dust from head to foot. Only the teeth and eyes gleam and the voice laughs. This is Amin Sangh, a 12-year-old brass polisher at a factory in Mumbai. The dust that covers him is because of the work he does, polishing brass articles on a fast-moving wheel. The workplace is covered with metallic dust and with chemical fumes. Amin Sangh has been breathing in all of this since he was eight years old. Amin cannot read or write. He went to school for only a little while before he was sent to work by his parents. Now the factory is all he knows about. Accidents at work? "I'll pay for my treatment," he says, "from my own pocket." And he laughs.
Amin walks 7 km every day from Mehlapur, where he lives, to the factory. He has no complaints. "When I work in a factory, I like it most. What else can I like?" he asks. And he laughs again.
Write 3 appropriate words into each gap:
1. Amin Sangh is a 12-year old child worker who is  on a fast-moving wheel.
2. Amin did not learn how to  .
3. Charan does not complain about the long way from his home    .
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