To speak about the government in different countries, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Represent - to officially speak or do something for someone else because they have asked you to;
Split - to divide into smaller parts or groups, or to divide something into smaller parts or groups;
Government - the group of people who officially control a country;
Elect - to choose someone for a particular job or position by voting;
Rule - when someone is in control of a country;
Chamber - one of the groups that a parliament is divided into;
Bill - a written plan for a law;
Law - the system of official rules in a country;
Power - political control in a country;
Refuse - to say that you will not do or accept something;
Signature - your name written in your own way which is difficult for someone else to copy.
The Government has cut taxes.
There have been reports of immense human suffering under his rule.
Parliament will vote today on whether to pass the reform bill.
When did this government come to power (= start to control the country)?