When you want to speak about crime, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Abduction/kidnapping - taking a person to a secret location using force;

Armed robbery - using a weapon to steal;

Arson - setting fire to a place on purpose;

Attempted murder - trying to kill someone (but failing);

Burglary - breaking and entering going into another person's home or business with force;

Child abuse - injuring a child on purpose;

Domestic violence - physical assault that occur within the home;

Drug trafficking - trading illegal drugs;

Drunk driving - driving after having too much alcohol;
Shoplifting - stealing merchandise from a store;

Smuggling - bringing products into a country secretly and illegally;

Speeding - driving beyond the speed limit;

Terrorism - acts of crime against a group (political/religious) or another country;

Theft - stealing;

Torture - extremely cruel and unfair treatment (often towards prisoners);

Vandalism - damaging public or private property (for example with spray paint);

White collar crime - breaking the law in business.
Terrorism is the most serious problem in our world.
People must be fined for speeding.
Nowadays many women face with domestic violence.