To speak about administrative law, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Regulation - an official rule that controls how something is done;
Licence - an official document that allows you to do or have something;
Accreditation - official approval of an organization;
Compliance - when people obey an order, rule, or request;
Resolve - to solve or end a problem or difficulty;
Negotiate - to try to make or change an agreement by discussion;
Jeopardize - to put something in a situation where there is a risk of failing or being harmed;
Settlement - an official agreement that finishes an argument;
Restitution - ​payment made for ​damage or ​loss.
The work was done in compliance with planning regulations.
The ​chemical ​company ​promised to make ​full restitution to the ​victims for the ​injury to ​their ​health.