To speak about business and product details, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Focus on - to give a lot of attention to one particular subject or thing;
Persuade - to make someone agree to do something by talking to them a lot about it;
Meet demand - satisfy a need for something to be sold or supplied;
Equip - to include the things that are needed for a particular purpose;
Distribute - to supply goods to shops and companies;
Launch - to begin an important activity;
Manufacture - to produce something, usually in large numbers in a factory;
Features - a typical quality, or important part of something;
Assemble - to build something by joining parts together;
Quality standard - a level of quality, especially a level that is acceptable;
Benefit - money that the government gives to people who are ill, poor, not working, etc.
We follow all quality standards.

This product has some important features.

We manufacture products regularly.