Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text and choose the correct answer.

Cultural Life of the Youth.

How do young people spend their spare time? What leisure activities do they prefer? These and other questions were asked in a sociological survey. The results of the opinion poll conducted among young people living in big cities and in the country add up to the following hierarchy of pastimes: music in combination with such forms of group activities as discos, concerts and clubs comes first, followed by the Internet, theatre and reading. Then their leisure time activities include films, museums, amateur arts and engineering, and, finally, TV and classical music.

Most young people admit they do not know how to plan their leisure. According to the poll, the actual priorities are as follows: TV comes first, followed by the Internet, reading, films, listening to records, radio, going out to dances and discos; then come concerts, museums, amateur arts, and finally theatre.

Young people's recent growing cultural standards make themselves feel primarily in the choice of cultural values. Of course, they like to be entertained (by watching TV shows, reading detective stories, etc.). But they certainly know how to find their way amid the great variety of cultural values, and they know how to tell genuine art from imitation.

A few more words about music, which plays a very important part in young people's lives. Rock is certainly more popular than classical music. Russian pop groups who play original music and meaningful texts have an especially large following. Russian girls and boys are getting increasingly interested in the leisure activities which encourage self-expression and growth of personality.
Choose true or false:
1.  Most young people admit they do know very well how to plan their leisure.
2.  Most young people say they do not know how to plan their pastime.
3.  Rock becomes less popular than classical music.
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